Simple Wallet
Edu Faucet
Chainview Explorer

Bitcoin for Education or Bitcoin Education was created to serve as a platform for Bitcoin and Blockchain courses. We forked the Bitcoin Core software and created the Bitcoin Edu blockchain with the native currency BTE. The goal is that BTE remains worthless but not useless. We created and use Bitcoin Edu for our Bitcoin and Blockchain courses at University West, Sweden. But they are free for anyone to use. University West

Chainview Explorer

A block explorer for BitcoinEdu. Here you can see all transactions on the Bitcoin Edu blockchain. The explorer is an ongoing project, written in python.

Chainview Blockexplorer @github

Bitcoin Edu Webwallet

An extremely simplistic webwallet that we use in the first lab in our courses.

Simple Wallet @github

Bitcoin Edu Faucet

Anyone with an address can get 4 BTE each hour from the EduFaucet.

EduFaucet @github

Bitcoin Edu Full Node

The Bitcoin Edu full node is a fork of the Bitcoin Core software. In order to keep it as close to a real Bitcoin node we have made very few adjustments. The blockchain even starts with the same genesis block.

Full Node latest Full Node v0.16 @github

Bitcoin Edu NFT Display

Here you can see the Bitcoin Edu NFTs that you have and all that have ever been minted. The page uses the ethers.js package and all code is visiable in the page source (javascript).



All sourcecode is available on Github under the bitcoinedu-io user. Any contributions, coding or reviews are welcome.



If you are curious about what we are doing or who we are feel free to look us up or send an email.

Andreas de Blanche Thomas Lundqvist